Top 5 Ways To Show Your Valentine How Much You Care

Make Your Love Feel Special

Forget the fact that common wisdom says that Valentine's Day was invented by greeting card companies to bring in sales during a typically slow time of year, Valentine's Day means love and if you're not planning on celebrating it with that special person in your life, you're going to be in a heap of trouble!

Speaking of trouble, let me save you some. Don't waste your time and money grabbing a dozen roses and a box of chocolates for your favorite sweetheart, male or female. Set yourself apart from those no-imagination lovers by doing something spectacular this Valentine's Day.

Here Are The Top 5 Ways To to Show Your Valentine How Much You Care

  1. Do Something Exciting For Valentine's Day

    How about arranging for a romantic picnic around 300 feet up in the air courtesy of your local Hot Air Balloon rental company? You'll waft along in the breeze, laughing at all of the people running in and out of the flower shops way below you, while sipping wine from crystal flutes and enjoying your picnic feast somewhere that ants can't go.

  2. Spend Valentine's Weekend At A Bed & Breakfast Inn

    Depending upon how you feel about snow and cold weather, you can opt for a cozy inn up North in the mountains where crackling fires warm rosy cheeks and hot chocolate laced with a bit of Baily's Irish Cream chase away the chills.

    If sun and fun is more your style, head down South and grab a bit of beach in Florida. Dance the night away to steel drums and margaritas and then celebrate the dawn with a romantic breakfast for two as you watch the sun rise.

  3. Celebrate Valentine's Day AT Home With A Catered Dinner For Two

    Call you favorite restaurant and order ahead. Hire a butler for the night to serve and clean up and then make sure you send him on his way before the romance begins.

    Or if you really want to go all out, hire a chef to prepare dinner table-side and send him or her packing while the night is still young.

  4. Make His Or Her Fantasy Come True

    Who knows what lurks in the mind of your guy or gal? You probably do, and if it's something you can do and still live with yourself the next day, go ahead and make that dream come true.

  5. Spend The Day At A Spa before Heading Out To Dinner At That Special Place

    A couple's massage after a nice steam bath and a pedicure for two is a great way to feel good, relax and get ready for a night of love. An even better idea is to book a room at a nice hotel with a spa and then enjoy a romantic dinner in bed using each other as the table!

Even if these Top 5 Ways To to Show Your Valentine How Much You Care don't float your boat, hopefully your mind is working on the perfect way to spend your Valentine's Day and you won't be getting laughed at as you leave the florist by a happy couple floating by in a hot air balloon!