Free Valentines Wallpaper

Candy Unicorn Horn
Candy Unicorn Horn The perfect Valentine's Day gift for your princess! Hard candy unicorn horn is sparkly and tastes like sweet strawberries! Comes individually wrapped.

Latest Valentines Wallpaper Collection

If you love the emotion of Love and the excitement of Valentine's Day, we've got the computer backgrounds to help set the mood. The first set of wallpapers are the latest, followed by some older archived Valentine wallpapers from earlier years.

How To Set These Images As Your Wallpaper

The following collections of Valentine wallpaper are small representations (thumbnails) of the larger wallpaper images. To see the larger backgrounds, and save one as your desktop wallpaper, follow the instructions below:
1. Click on either the Standard or Widescreen links below a wallpaper thumbnail to view it the larger image.
2.Each wallpaper is designed to fit most monitor screen resolutions, but you need to choose between either standard monitors or widescreen monitors.
3. Once the image fully loads, you can right-click on it to save it as your desktop wallpaper.

Archived Valentine Wallpaper courtesy of Bob LaForce (only 800x600)

All valentine wallpaper in this collection are 800x600. Click on the thumbnail image to open the larger image.


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